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Our Services

Career Consulting

We provide career counselling to every student who contact with us for their career guidance. We do counsel them by considering factors like education background, experience, career goals, talents, students’ preferences, and budget. We  provide step by step advice to study, work, and get valuable degree in Czech Republic.

We also do the consulting of other visa such as family reunification, employee card, and other regime programme. 

Visa assistance

We provide the following services for our client; 


  • Admission in Czech Government University. 
  • Enrolment to the course and provide support for the nostrificaton and internal evaluation for the admission. 
  • Nominate to the student mode and provide guideline how to make an appointment to the embassies.
  • Helping to find the accommodation. 
  • Provide transition services for the embassy. 
  • Verification and super legalization and appostille. 
  • Family reunification visa documentation and translation. 
  • Finding child school in Czech Republic. 


We help for the sworn translation from English to Czech Language. The price of the standard sworn translation cost from 600 CZK. A standard pages contain 1800 characters with spaces. If you need it in copy then we will do attachment in copy or if you need verification then it cost extra 100 CZK. Czech Embassy in many countries do the verification so no need to sent original to us. Translation will be done with in 2/3 working days. We are working in this field since 2013. Please use our company email for translation services. 


For the long term visa it is obligatory to buy comprehensive medical insurance. We do Maxima, Salvia, PVZP and Ergo comprehensive medical insurance. This insurance covered health care services include: preventive health care, dispensary care (regular medical supervision of the patient), diagnostic care, medical care, medical rescue service and emergency service, pharmaceutical care, clinical pharmaceutical care, medical rehabilitation care, spa medical rehabilitation care, assessment activity, Nursing Care, palliative care, provision of medical preparations, food, medical devices, dental devices, transport of insured persons, health care for donors of blood, tissues and cells or organs related to their collection, health care related to pregnancy and childbirth, etc.


Foreign Education Evaluation

Foreign student who come to study in Czech Republic need to do their higher education evaluation. There are two option for the evaluation, one option in Internal Evaluation. which is recognize from university only for those who apply to study for the university in CULS, Prague. It you got internal evaluation form CULS then it will be valid only for CULS. Next one is Nostrification. Which means the validation of Foreign University Education and Qualifications in the CR, so-called „Nostrification“. For example, if you do Nostrification one university from Czechia then it will be valid all in Czech Republic. Normally it takes 30 till 40 days for getting your evaluation done.

Total fees of attestaion 

      • Nepali embassy in Berlin attests fees 50 EUR per page, and Nepali police report verification cost 90 EUR per page.
      • Super legalization at MoFA CZ cost 600 CZK, Apostille cost 300 CZK 
      • Academic Internal Evaluation: 1000 CZK 
      • Nostrification: 3000 CZK till 4000 CZK.