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Why to study in Czech Republic?

Why to study in Czech Republic?

Prague, also called Praha is the largest and national capital of Czech Republic with a population of 2,156,097 people. Prague is major economic and cultural center of the Czech Republic lying at the heart of Europe. Its rich architectural heritage that reflects both the uncertain course of Bohemian history and more than 1,000 years of urban life. The city is a major tourist destination with various museums, theaters, art galleries and universities and so on. Prague is also considered as city of historic wonders such as the Vyšehrad Fort which was built in the middle of the 10th Century, the Charles Bridge which was built in 1402, the Prague astronomical clock, which was installed in 1410 and is the oldest astronomical clock still operating in the world. Prague Castle which started being built in 876 is the largest ancient castle in the world and has been the past home to kings, emperors and is the current resident of the Czech Republic's president. Nonetheless Prague is known for its cultural life and monuments, it has also played significant role in the economy of Czech Republic since early development period. In terms of employment, industry is the largest employer followed by commerce, construction, education, culture, administration, and transportation and communication. Also, public transportation in Prague is inexpensive, efficient and highly integrated. Modes of public transport are Metro (Subway), Trams and Buses. In recent years Prague has become top destination for international students because of quality life it offers and more affordable cost of living for students. According to the StudentGoGlobal 2022 ranking, which studied 250 cities from around the world, Prague is second-most affordable city in Europe for students. Also, Prague is known for one of the peaceful cities in the Europe which is attracting even more international students in the city. Here are some reasons why Prague is becoming hub for international students: • Quality of life and affordable cost of living. • Well managed and inexpensive public transportation. • Health care facility. • Easy and affordable gateways to other European countries. • Job and career opportunities. • Variety of Library facility inside the city for students. • Discount facility to students with ISIC card in variety of things such as food, books, transportation, electronic, etc.

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